Altra Altra Superior 6 Men's

Designed to Add some Quickness Quickness and Comfort to Your Daily Trail Runs.
-As a light and comfort to the daily torelan-

The lightweight and simple shoes structure promises to enjoy the road and the trail with the same legs. It is light, fast, and has a MaxTrac outsole, which has a sticky grip performance on any terrain, and has been changed to the same sticky material as the loan peak series.Update the lipstop quarter panelTo the upperVamp meshBy adopting ", the weight and breathability have been improved.

In addition, specifications from the previous workThe difference isProtecting your feet from a rugged trail that is worried about pushing up is no longer included,Unlike models with high cushioning, such as tump and Olympus, the Spelliol picks up the stimulus from the ground "moderately" due to the thinness of the moderate sole. By feeling the "stimulus of the soles", your posture will be correct and you will be able to review how to run and walk without relying on cushions excessively. For those who have a habit of twisting their ankles and suffering from running disorders caused by overstride, Sperior may be the best shoes.

The correct posture of the human body is more important than any grip cushion"Shoes to teach"That is Spellior.

About size
The staff also wears the same size as the previous work, but if the instep is slightly tight, please consider increasing the half size. Other than that, I don't think there is a need to change the size.
* 2023 All models from the fall and winter seasonMen's 25.5cm has been lined up.

Weight: 279g (US10.5)
Midsole:Compression Molded Eva
Outsole: MAXTRAC ™
Cushion: Low cushion
Stack height: 21mm
upper: Vamp mesh
FootShape: Standard

SUPERIOR6 Review & Size feeling


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