Altra Altra Out Road 2 Men's

The Outroad is built for the Road and Equiped for Trail Exclations.
-Arcable it without being tied to the trail road environment-

The outroad that appeared as a trail model last year has already been updated. More modest than other modelsIn addition to a rug pattern of about 3mm, a rolling shape adopted with road shoes is used,The road surface environment from the trail to the road is less caught and the burden on the joints is reduced.

The midsole has a urethane material like the previous work, so it is hard to get rid of it, and it is a little rebound. Altra ego ™Adopts, it is not too thin, and it is not too thick.

As an update for this work, the upper has been greatly changed, and the durability has been improved by adopting "engineering mesh", which has a good breathability. The thickness of the shoe tongue is as thick as a loan peak, so you can feel a comfortable fit with a moderately thickness that makes it difficult to get the pain of the instep even in a long -time mileage race. In addition, the thickness of the heel has increased, and the feet have become soft, improving the fit from the heel to the middle foot.

About size
Although it is not as good as the previous work, it is a little slim compared to other models, so it is recommended that you increase the half size if you have a wide and wide width.

Regarding the actual comfort, the feeling of bouncing back when landing on the entire soles as a whole was very good, and the area around the feet gently felt the holding of the heel. NearbyIt is an all -mouth model that can be used in all -rounds, such as when running green area and easy to run trails.
* 2023 All models from the fall and winter seasonMen's 25.5cm has been lined up.

Weight: 314g (US10.5)
Midsole:Altra ego ™
Outsole:MAXTRAC ™
Stack height: 27mm
upper: Engineered mesh
FootShape: Slim


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