Credit card payment


Cash on sale

In the case of cash on delivery, please pay the cash on delivery fee according to the purchase price, along with the price at the time of product delivery.

About missing items

This shop also uses the store inventory of Seiseki Sakuragaoka store and Fukuoka store. Depending on the timing, it may be sold out at the store, so we will inform you that stock cannot be prepared during the next business day (Monday / Thursday holiday).

About returned goods

Please refrain from returning returns, defective items, or wrong delivery.
About size exchange

Only the replacement of shoes will be charged only once.
After the second time, it will be cash on delivery.
When you return it, please pay the original payment.
In principle, exchanges other than shoes will be delivered by cash on delivery, and outlet items will be responsible for the round -trip shipping fee even if they are shoes.
As for the size exchange such as clothing, etc., you will be returned by prime payment and will be shipped by cash on delivery.
* Regarding the size replacement, etc., please send it by e -mail or telephone within 5 days of arrival of the product, and please return it as soon as the confirmation is obtained. (Because there are necessary arrangements such as checking stock)
If you return without contact, we will not be able to respond, so please cooperate with us in advance.

Returning postage

・ Customer convenience: We ask for your burden.
・ In the case of defective products: Please send by cash on delivery.
Note) Limited to shipping methods with guaranteed courier service and post packs
* If sent by non -standard -size mail, we cannot accept it.