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ALTRA's new trail shoe, the MONT BLANC, is the lightest possible shoe and will improve your daily performance in your quest for speed.This model was developed to be light enough to run the 100-mile "UTMB" Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc race held in Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the European Alps, located on the border of France and Italy.

The outsole is made ofVibramsLITEBASEand maintains the same gripping performance as before, but with an approximate30The LITEBASE is designed with lugs placed only where they are needed, making it not only lightweight but also lightweight. The lugs are designed to be placed only where they are needed, and the outsole material as well as lightness is pursued.

The same midsole material as TORIN5 and PARADIGM6Altra EGO™ MAX midsoleis adopted to achieve a light and luxurious comfort while maintaining a cushioned running comfort. While the "high cushion model" with a stack height of 30mm, we achieve ultra-lightweight and light footwork.

By adding material in areas where it is needed and removing material in areas where it is not needed, the design is finished with an all-day trail lightweight and breathable design.

This model is a must-try for mountain runners who run more than 100km in the mountains.


Weight 197g
Stack height 30mm
Upper: Ultra-lightweight, hyper-breathable
Midsole: EGO™ MAX
OUTSOLE: Vibram™ LiteBase


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