Altra Vanish Tempo Mens


The VANISH TEMPO is designed for high-speed training and racing. Lightweight, high cushioning, and built for speed.

Like the VANISH CARBON, this shoe was built for speed, but defines it in a unique way. This VANISH TEMPO features a rocker shape that propels you forward with every step and an Altra EGO™ PRO midsole foam that cushions every step. With a Slim Foot Shape™ fit, the VANISH TEMPO provides a snug, comfortable fit whether you are racing or training.

Weight: 195g (Womens US8.5 / 25.5cm)
Midsole :Altra EGO™️ PRO
Outsole: Altra EGOEVA Rubber
Cushioning: EVA RubberHigh
Stack Height: 33mm
Upper: 33mmBreathable Engineered Mesh
FootShapeSLIM: Slip-on


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