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The all-new and oldest hypotonic beverage


Iishio-ume" water [shio-ume water] is an entirely new product that contains no synthetic sweeteners, colors, or flavors. However, the ingredients used are traditional Japanese foods that have been familiar to people for centuries: salt, ume plum, and sugar.
The idea of sports and nutritional supplementation is also evident in this salted plum water.
We hope you will try our Salted Ume Water, which was made with hydration during sports in mind.

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Salt replenishment and heat stroke prevention during sports!

Salt and minerals are also important for hydration when you sweat and lack water and salt.
It is not recommended to take too much water only intensively.
This is because if you drink too much water without salt or sugar, your body fluid will be diluted and the sodium level in your body will drop.
Drinking water certainly relieves thirst, but it also promotes urination, which can lead to dehydration.

On the other hand, drinking too much juice or sports drinks, which contain a lot of sugar, can cause high blood sugar levels, which in turn raises blood glucose levels and leads to further thirst.

Insufficient water and salt are also deeply related to the cause of heat stroke. Dehydration has already begun when you feel thirsty.

When you are playing sports, it is best to drink a moderate amount of sugar, salt, and water together.

Salted plum water is made without artificial sweeteners, but with sugar from Hokkaido, ume extract from Wakayama, and mineral-rich sea salt from Izu Oshima.
Tensai sugar is made from sugar beet (sugar beet) and contains oligosaccharides that regulate the intestinal environment, and has a crisp sweetness that gently raises blood sugar levels.

From small children to the elderly, "salted plum water" can be drunk with peace of mind.
Mineral supply with natural ingredients! Please try drinking it at room temperature.

Contents 12g
Nutritional Ingredients Energy 46kcal, Protein 0g
0g fat, 11g carbohydrate, 0.5g salt equivalent
Ingredients Tensai sugar (Hokkaido), Ume extract powder (Wakayama)
Sea salt (Izu Oshima)
Storage Method Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Shelf life 24 months
Place of manufacture Nishitama, Tokyo

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