ZEN NUTRITION Zen Nutrition After Dharma (88 tablets)


The best natural supplement after activity

zennutrition is a natural amino acid. Immediately after exercise, during the 30 minutes known as "golden time" for muscles, you can expect efficient recovery by quickly supplying optimal nutrition. Instead of conventional endurance amino acids, it contains high quality fructose and low molecular weight polyphenol "Oligonol®" to supply nutrients and oxygen efficiently to every corner of the body. It minimizes damage and promotes smooth recovery from fatigue. This product is recommended not only for sports activities but also on weekends when fatigue builds up or when stamina is temporarily low, such as after an illness.

Please take around 4 capsules with water or other liquids as soon as possible after exercise.
The 30 minutes immediately following is the golden time for muscles! Quickly supplying optimal nutrition leads to effective recovery and body design.


Natural amino acids will not leave you tired the next day.

By including high quality fructose instead of anserine, high quality natural amino acids are delivered to the body. In addition, the addition of "Oligonol" provides quick recovery.
When you overwork your body more than usual or on days when you feel especially tired, taking AFTER Dharma (recovery system) even before bedtime will help you recover remarkably from fatigue the next day.

The reason for separating tiger and dharma before and after is that if the refined fructose in dharma is ingested during activity, the fructose may cause the body to produce ammonia as a byproduct, which can lead to an oversensitive urine discharge. This could lead to dehydration, which is why we changed the formula to tiger before the activity and dharma after.


180 capsules: 63g (350mg x 180 capsules) for approximately 45-60 times

72 capsules: 25.2g (350mg x 72 capsules) for about 24 times

24 capsules: 8.4g (350mg x 24 capsules) for about 6 to 8 times

4 capsules: 1.4g (350mg x 4 capsules) for 1 time

Nutritional Ingredients
(per 4 capsules 1.4g)
Energy 5.52kcal Carbohydrate 1.10g Water 0.07g
Protein 0.12g Sodium 2.69mg
Ash 0.04g Fat 0.07g Salt equivalent 0.01g
Ingredients Dextrin (Hyogo Prefecture), fructose (Aichi Prefecture)
Royal jelly (Thailand), bee larva powder (Taiwan)
Whey powder (Hokkaido) Corn starch (Okayama)
Rape seed oil powder (Saitama)
Lychee polyphenol processed products (Hokkaido)
Cellulose (Miyazaki Pref.) Silicon oxide granule (Hyogo Pref.)
V.B2 (Germany) V.B6 (Germany)
Storage method Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Shelf life 36 months
Place of manufacture Byhoron Corporation

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