ZEN NUTRITION Zen Nutrition Befort Tra (24 tablets)


Drink before activity to increase burning efficiency!

zennutrition is a natural amino acid. Many amino acids in the world contain chemically synthesized and refined substances. In addition to royal jelly and bee larva, zennutrition contains endurance-derived amino acids from high-speed migratory fish skipjack extract (Anserine). Furthermore, by adding "Oligonol®" with its excellent carrying capacity to these naturally occurring amino acids, the amino acids are delivered to every corner of the body. This product is taken before exercise to improve glycogen (energy) burning in the body, supporting sports in cold climates and easy weight control. It also provides a natural antioxidant barrier against UV rays.

Tiger is taken before activity to increase the efficiency of energy burning in the body. This means you can move longer than usual with better energy mileage. Take 4 capsules 30 minutes before and the timing will promote a 2-hour increase in burning efficiency. If you exercise for more than 2 hours, you can sustain the effect by taking it every 2 hours.
Take 3~4 capsules with water to improve the burning of glycogen (energy) in the body.
This will create an ideal metabolic efficiency.

Contains natural amino acids

The common ingredients in this formula include royal jelly, bee larva, and oligonol. In addition, Tora contains anserine (product name: Marine Active, ingredient name: fish meat extract) from bonito, which helps keep you moving for long hours without feeling tired. Dharma contains fructose instead of anserine. Fructose, when taken together with natural amino acids, has an outstanding effect on improving muscle fatigue.
The reason for separating tiger and dharma back and forth is that if the refined fructose in dharma is ingested during activity, the fructose can cause the body to produce ammonia as a byproduct, which can lead to an oversensitive urinary drainage process. This could lead to dehydration, which is why we changed the formula to tiger before the activity and dharma after.
Energy gels consist of carbohydrates and amino acids consist of proteins. Carbohydrates are converted directly into energy. Amino acids improve the efficiency of energy combustion. In a car, energy is gasoline and amino acids are combustion agents. Amino acids serve to improve the fuel efficiency of gasoline. Therefore, these are taken in combination rather than separately, and they have a long-lasting effect.


180 capsules: 63g (350mg x 180 capsules) for about 45-60 times

72 capsules: 25.2g (350mg x 72 capsules) for about 24 times

24 capsules: 8.4g (350mg x 24 capsules) for about 6-8 times

4 capsules: 1.4g (350mg x 4 capsules) for 1 time

Nutrition Facts (per 4 capsules 1.4g) Energy 5.49kcal Carbohydrate 1.17g Water 0.05g
Protein 0.09g Sodium 3.25mg Ash 0.04g
Fat 0.05g Salt equivalent 0.01g
Ingredients Dextrin (Hyogo Prefecture), reduced maltose (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Royal jelly (Thailand), Whey powder (Hokkaido)
Fish meat extract (Shizuoka, Japan), Rape seed oil powder (Saitama, Japan)
Bee larva powder (Taiwan)
Lychee polyphenol processed product (Hokkaido)
Silicon oxide micronized (Hyogo) Cha extract (Hokkaido)
V.B1 V.B6 (Germany)
Storage method Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Shelf life 36 months
Place of manufacture Byhoron Corporation

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