UltrAspire UltrAspire Zygos 5.0


Lightweight, comfortable wraparound design and ergofit harness for improved stability and comfort.

The new MaxO2 foam adjustable closure system can be secured to match the pack's load. This innovative system allows the pack to conform to the body in one-touch and, like the MaxO2 Sternum, secures the pack in place without interfering with natural breathing. Eight pockets for access during action and durable ripstop fiber reinforcement at stress points. 3 sizes available.

The human body is a very complex and functional creation. Biomechanics have been incorporated into the design of our packs to allow for precise movement, load distribution, and never impede the movement of the human body.

Shoulder straps
The human shoulder is not straight. Shoulder straps on our packs are likewise not straight enough for a proper fit. Our pack straps are designed to follow the natural curves of the body over the shoulders and around the neck. Harnesses fit along the S-curve around the arms and chest without interfering with running motion.

Weight distribution
The harness construction allows the pack to balance the weight of the pack regardless of the pack's capacity, providing the best fit at all times. The load is placed low on the back, close to the hips, the body's center of gravity, and this placement helps to reduce unnecessary energy expenditure during long distance running, thereby improving the efficiency of running economics.

Max O2 Sternum Strap™: A new locking system design, introduced in 5.0. The position of the clasp can be changed at will, and it can be locked more evenly from both sides than the previous system. The shock cord is "knotted" to allow for self-maintenance.
Shoulder pockets: Both shoulder pockets are now zippered for improved convenience.
Ultra Cool Light Mesh: Hydrophobic material with excellent durability and quick-drying properties, slightly stretchable.
Side pockets: Zipper type and magnetic type differ on the left and right sides. The one on the right side of the back is a magnetic type. It can also hold a headlamp and a thin shell.
Reservoir hanger system: lightweight, easy and quick to attach a reservoir to the pack.
Insulated reservoir sleeve: Removable sleeve made of aluminum insulation material. Contributes to the retention of moisture temperature.
Flat front pocket: simple access. It can accommodate a variety of bottles.
Shock cord attachment at the bottom: Foldable trekking poles or rolled up clothing can be attached.
Main compartment: large capacity main compartment. Zippered secure pocket inside for a wallet or other items.
Adjustable compression cords: Main compartment can be compressed. Adjustable compression cords: main compartment can be compressed, and luggage can be tucked in.

Size range: S (85-95cm) M (95-100cm) L (100-105cm)
Chest guideline
Capacity : 14L
Weight : 386g
Dimensions : 39x35x7cm


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