UltrAspire UltrAspire Bronco


Minimalist and lightest weight race vest

UltrAspireCollaboration with athlete and top ultrarunner Jeff Browning Jeff Browning, an athlete and top-notch ultrarunner, is the creator of UltrAspire.

5With a capacity of 1.5 liters and7 with a capacity of 1.5 liters and two pockets 2L c This sack is designed for hydration and soft flasks. Front har For the front harness,4 The front harness is made of 4 two pockets with and two pockets made of Patent pending MaxO2 foam closure is a patented, patent-pending The MaxO2 foam closure secures the contents of the pack and allows it to conform to the shape of the body with a single pull. Large side pockets, called "saddlebags," allow quick retrieval of The opening and closure are rubberized to stabilize the contents. The main back compartment, when empty, can be used as a storage compartment. The main back compartment, when empty, is The main back compartment is designed to lie flat when empty. It is also 4 Way stretch met The bag is designed to be flat.

The back panel has a UltrAcool. Light Meshis used for the back panel to eliminate discomfort when loaded. Other UltrAspire As with all Zacs, this Bronco Race Vest as well as the other Urn Ergofit, as well as the other Ultraspire packs. TM design is used, and TM design for long-lasting comfort.

Weight: 159g
Capacity: 5L
Size range: S/M/L


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