ULTIMATE DIRECTION Ultimate Direction Mountain Vesta 6 Women's


Product Specifications

Capacity: 13.4L
Weight (without bottle): 228g
Bottle: "Body Bottle™ III 500" 2 bottles included

Usage guidelines

Road running: 100 km or more
Trail running : 80-160km
Example of equipment: water1.5LRain jacket, mid-layer (light top and bottom), first aid kit, survival blanket, headlamp, food, etc.


A vest-like fit that completely covers the body.
The ideal fitting is achieved by changing the shape to fit the body of both men and women, and by developing sizes more precisely.
ULTIMATE DIRECTION is the first brand in the world to produce hydration packs specifically for women.

Comfort Cinch 3.0

This technology allows the wearer to adjust the fit around the sides of the pack without any steps while on the back.
For example, when wearing a rain jacket and pants that have been stowed away due to changes in temperature, the volume inside the bag will decrease and the fit will become loose,When running a trail run, the amount of luggage changes from moment to moment, and the fitting changes accordingly.

A system that can easily accommodate such minor fitting changes is theComfort Cinch.

By pulling the cord, the connected shoulder straps can be attracted,
This allows for free adjustment of the fitting around the sides and chest.

The Comfort Cinch 3.0 has been upgraded with air mesh panels to prevent chafing.
The cord has also been changed to a high molecular weight polyethylene cord to further increase strength.

Also,In the Comfort Cinch 2.0, the cords were located on the left and right sides, but now they are combined in one place, making fitting adjustment easier.

The fit provided by the Comfort Cinch 3.0 prevents sack sway and chafing during activities, helping to improve and sustain performance.

Large main compartment with room for an included 500ml soft flask and 2L reservoir

Two front pockets each hold a 500ml soft flask, and the main compartment can accommodate up to a 2L reservoir.

The reservoir and soft flask are BPA- and PVC-free and food-safe for your peace of mind.

・Front section has a pocket for a smart phone.
The pocket is zippered to prevent smartphones from falling out.

Pockets and back panel for various storages while carrying.

You can smoothly refuel and change wear rings because you can reach them while carrying the bag on your back.

Loop to easily carry trekking poles

Loops on the bottom of the bag and next to the front pocket allow for easy attachment and removal of trekking poles.
Trekking poles can be used smoothly depending on the situation.


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