Ultimate Direction Race Vest Mens (Ultimate Direction Lace Vest Men)


Specially designed self -record updates and fastest lesVest

We adopt the latest customizable best -fit technology, such as a durable Comfort Cinchtm 3.0 and a mesh panel that protects it so that it can not be worn out even if you run a long distance.

◎ The upgraded Comfort Cinch 3.0 fit system is a durable polymer mass polyethylhmmOutfitDeofUseforIt is done, complete adjustment is possible, and your fitTuneYou can.◎ There is an air mesh panel for protection around COMFORT CINCH 3.0 to prevent rubbing and discomfort.
◎ The Vesta shaping that wraps the body completely is achieved a firm fit like the best.
◎ Customizable. The pole mounting option comes with four hooks and a bungee loop, and can store pole on the front or back.
◎ Equipped with waterproof mobile phone -only pockets
◎ Large rear compartment that can store up to 2L of reservoirs
◎ The back panel that combines water resistance and breathability ensures ventilation even in places where sweat is easy.
◎ With 2 durable "BODY BOTTLETM III 500" water bottle

Weight: 193g (without bottle)
Capacity: 6.3L


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