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Teton Bros. Teton Bros Cocoon Jacket Men's


This mid-layer provides superior functionality through the mapping of high-performance materials. The outer fabric of the main body is made of "Prime Flex," a DWR-treated material with excellent stretch properties. This season, the inner layer has been changed to the newly developed "Stretch Octa", which provides a balance of moderate warmth and breathability, as well as stretchability.

The shoulders, arms, and upper back, where movement is most intense, are covered with "Graphene" grid fleece, which is said to be a next-generation material. The chest features Teton Bros. style angled ventilation and a large pocket. By using the various functions required for a technical mid-layer in the right places, it is a simple design with a high degree of perfection and a very good fit.

Graphene Grid Fleece (front side)

The far-infrared ray effect and excellent thermal conductivity provide heat retention at low temperatures and a cooling effect at high temperatures, as well as an anti-bacterial and anti-odor effect.

Graphene Grid Fleece (skin side)

Grid fleece that provides heat retention and moderate breathability.

Body surface fabric texture

20D "Prime Flex" fabric with excellent breathability and stretch; DWR (durable water repellent) treated

Body padding

Loose woven shape maintains breathability. The atypical cross-section ensures warmth retention. Heat and vapor are released as soon as the shell is pulled out. Newly developed "Stretch Octa" with excellent elasticity.

Secured range of motion

Graphene Grid Fleece" with excellent stretchability does not interfere with movement from the shoulder blades to the upper arms and shoulders.


Newly developed "Stretch Octa" is used for the torso portion, while "Graphene Grid Fleece" is used for the shoulders, arms, and upper back, where there is a lot of movement, to provide high heat retention and excellent stretchability.

Ventilation pockets

Large pockets on both sides of the front. Zippers can be opened for ventilation.

Cuff specifications

Piping cuffs conform to the shape of the hand. Thumb anchors keep the back of the hand warm and prevent uncomfortable sleeves from sliding up when layering.

Collar specification

While the collar is a simple stand collar, it is set high to prevent cold air from entering.

Material:Prime Flex 4way Stretch/Stretch Octa InsulationGraphene Grid Fleece
Weight:325g (Size M)


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