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Versatile grid fleece hoodie. As a mid-layer or as outerwear.

Newly introducedFull-zip jacket model from the Graphene Grid Fleece collection.
The versatile Sagebrush collection, based on the concept of casual wear anytime, from everyday wear to the field, has been scaled up for greater comfort.

This is the industry's first use of grid fleece woven with Graphene, a high-functional material. The fabric's thickness provides unimaginable warmth retention, while its superior stretchability dramatically improves the feel of the garment. It is made in a slightly loose silhouette so that it can be used as a mid-layer or outer layer.

Graphene", newly adopted from this season, is a material that is made up of carbon atoms that are connected to each other.Graphene is a material in which carbon atoms are bonded together.It has high strength,It is a material that can be formed in a single layer, making it a very thin material.Graphene has the property of transferring heat very quickly, and has a heat-retaining effect at low temperatures and a cooling effect at high temperatures, as well as an anti-bacterial and anti-odor effect.

In addition, the grid-like fleece fabric provides moderate heat retention and allows moderate airflow through the gaps in the grid, making it difficult to overheat.


Hood shape
The hood is designed to be worn loosely. It fits comfortably for everyday use.

Three pockets. A zippered chest pocket convenient for storing small items, and a waist pocket with a different shape for men's and women's.

Double zipper
The front zipper has a double slider. When opened from the bottom, it functions as a moderate ventilation system.

Cuff and hem specifications
Piping at the hem and cuffs. This improves the fit and prevents the garment from being loose even when layered.

Feel of outer fabric
Grit fleece with graphene interwoven. Far-infrared ray effects and excellent thermal conductivity provide heat retention at low temperatures and cooling effects at high temperatures, as well as anti-bacterial and anti-odor effects.

Back fabric
Grit fleece with interwoven graphene. Far-infrared ray effect and excellent thermal conductivity keep warm at low temperatures, and have a cooling effect at high temperatures as well as anti-bacterial and anti-odor effect.

Material:Graphene Grid
Weight:430g (Size M)


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