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Teton Bros. Teton Bros. ELV1000 5.5" Shorts Unisex


Teton Bros. x stride lab
Next -generation running shorts of TB

New material of Pertex "Pertex Equilibrium(Partx Eculibrium) ""The next generation of TB's next -generation running shorts that are quick -drying, strength, and sweaty TB.

Thick threads are used on the inside of the material, and ultra -fine threads are used on the outside, and moisture moves from large filament to smaller, so -called capillary phenomenon to quickly absorb sweat in the wear and dissipate on the surface. increase. At that time, the heat of the overheated internal temperature decreases due to the deprivation of the vaporization, resulting in the effect of suppressing excessive sweating.

In addition, compared to the normal lineup ELV1000 5in HYBRID Short, the slightly longer 5.5 -inch foot is hidden.

Sense of fabric
Excellent drying and strengthBy adopting Pertex Equilibrium, sweat in the clothing quickly absorbs and dissipates on the surface.A new material that creates the effect of suppressing excessive sweating.

Offset slit
The offset side slit in front does not hinder the movement of the legs when the foot is raised.

Hip pocket with zipper
A center pocket with a zipper with a capacity that can accommodate the wind shell.


material:Pertex Equilibrium
Weight: 76g
* The specifications may be different from the actual product that has been measured.

Head Office: Hoshi
I ran on it, but I realized the high breathability and the tension on the skin!
Also, the feeling of length is exquisite.
Thanks to the slit on the side, the length is long and you can wear it without stress. It may be a little short for each person to wear it, but I think it is a shorts that can be used for hiking.
Wearing size: 169cm57kg S size


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