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Sweatshirt collection with special "Axio" for Teton Bros.

These sweatpants are made of "Axio", a hybrid wool created together with Bishu, a world leader in wool processing and development. The special Axio for Teton Bros. with its excellent diffusion and quick-drying properties in addition to the moisture absorbency of wool has been retained, while the raised lining provides an extremely warm and soft feel.

When you sweat during exercise, you can take advantage of Axio's excellent ability to diffuse perspiration to the surface of the fabric and promote quick drying. The three-dimensional cut and stretch properties of the material make it ideal for a wide range of situations, from training to chill-outs, along with the Woolly Hoody.


Pockets on both sides, on the thighs and on the hips are also a convenient feature.

Waist Specification

Soft-fitting waist. Adjustable fit with cords.

Outer fabric

Based on a composite material using a special yarn made of polyester filaments wrapped in wool, Teton Bros. original "Axio" was developed in collaboration with engineers in Bishu to enhance moisture absorption and diffusion. The surface of the yarn is extremely smooth with no unevenness, and it demonstrates strength against pilling.

Back fabric

Raised lining fabric is extremely warm and soft to wear.

Material:Axio Double Face
Weight:390g (Size M)


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