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Teton Bros. Accio 3D Long Sleeve Unisex



Long sleeve using Teton Bros. original AXIO.

AXIO 3D (3D weaving) creates a grid-like surface on the skin, ensuring good ventilation and breathability when you perspire. The dead air can also be expected to retain warmth.

AXIO used by Teton Bros. is made of Wool + COOLMAX, which has excellent water absorption and diffusion properties, and dries sweat quickly. It also has excellent durability with a fiber structure that resists pilling.

Cuffs with thumb anchors.

Available in Brown and Green.
Sizes are unisex, starting at XS. Can also be worn by women.

169cm57kgas usual inSI chose size S as usual in
Image: Green (size S) Brown (size M)

Blog: TheAXIO 3D


Ultra Lightweight85g(M (M size) with excellent anti-pilling performanceTeton Bros. Special forAXIO for the Bishu's construction for wool This is the best hybrid wool born from the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for wool in Bishu. Wool fibers are inherently water-repellent,Teton Bros. Teton Bros. uses a specialAXIO is a special process that not only absorbs moisture, but also It also has excellent diffusion and quick-drying properties. Because some of the polyester filaments are made of deformed cross section yarn, cooling effect when the body temperature rises rapidly. The characteristics of wool and synthetic fibers are hybridized in the best balance. and synthetic fibers in the best balance.AXIO The special structure of AXIO® polyester fibers are not exposed on the surface, but run inside the diameter in a spiral shape. The special structure of AXIO polyester fibers is not exposed on the surface, but runs in a spiral shape inside the diameter, so there are no irregularities on the yarn surface and it is very smooth, resulting in a smooth fit and very high anti-pilling performance.


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