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Teton Bros. Mob Wool Hoody Men's

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A new classic winter base layer that prevents sweating and demonstrates heat retention

A bass layer for the winter season by a unique "Mob Wool" that simultaneously braided Merino wool and 11% PP at the same time. The frame -shaped PP material in contact with the skin quickly keeps moisture away from the skin, and the softly woven melino wool knit creates excellent heat retention. It is finished with a draping that fits the body so that the performance of the material can be demonstrated to the maximum. Food that fits firmly on the head can also be used as a barrava.

"Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture", which has one of the world's worldwide wool processing and development technology, is consistently managed in one area, from thread spinning to processing, dyeing, and commercialization, and developed in each process. The MOB series was produced in an environment where the cooperation was obtained. The first WOOL series in the MOB series is a fabric made of 11%polypropylene (highly effective for sweating) and 89%of melino wools in the extra fine 18.5 micron.

The polypropylene in contact with the skin quickly keeps moisture away from the skin, spreads to the wool, and many of the specialty of the Merino wool are excellent in heat retention. It has a high breathability and can keep the skin dry by quickly removing moisture from the skin.

Compared to the Made in Japan base layer "AXIO Lite" of the same Teton Bros. product, air can be stored in the gaps in fibers, which provides high heat retention. Excellent as a base layer to wear for a long time in a cold and spring cold environment.
Even if you sweat with an activity that moves around in a variety of extreme colds, such as ice climbing, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, and snowboarding, the warm comfort is impressive.


Hood shape
A hood shape with excellent fit that can be used as a barrava.

Flat seaming
A pattern that aims to improve stretching by reducing seams. All seams use flat seaming with good skin.

In Oshu, which offers a functional hybrid wool to brands around the world, we have developed a unique material that maximizes the performance of Wool and PP in a knit shape. The ratio of WOOL 89%& PP11%is a golden rate that draws out the maximum function and has the best wearing feeling.

Material: Merino wool 89% / PP 11%
weight:220g (size m)


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