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Comfortable pants that are easy to move in and versatile

These pants are suitable for fall and winter activities, taking advantage of the properties of graphene material. They have a clean silhouette for ease of movement and are focused on being thin enough to be worn as a mid-layer. The material "Graphene Grid Fleece" has the best stretch properties among the fleeces used by Teton Bros. and is an everyday pant that you can wear anytime, such as jogging in low temperatures or cross-country skiing.

Waist Specification

The natural fit waist is further adjustable with an inside cord.

Pocket Specification

Zippered pockets for use as outer pants.

Outer fabric

Grid fleece with "Graphene" kneaded into it. Far-infrared rays and excellent thermal conductivity provide heat retention at low temperatures and a cooling effect at high temperatures, as well as antibacterial and deodorant properties.

Back fabric

Grid fleece lining woven in a grid pattern. The structure provides both moderate heat retention and breathability.


Material:Graphene Grid Fleece
Weight:300g (Size M)


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