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Wool shirts with complete recycling wool "Koshichi"

A wool shirt that uses the recycling material "Koshichi". Around Rocky, where many Teton Bros. colleagues live, many people wear wool shirts as spring skiing outerwear, and have been commercialized by such friends. Come down from the mountains and talk about the day you enjoyed with a local craft beer. It is the perfect place for such a scene.

Discarded wool fibers, such as worn -out sweaters, cutting off the sewing factory, and falling the spinning factory, are collected from all over the country, collected in the Oshu -producing area as raw materials, and sort them out by the hands of each person. increase. In order to make a wool -blending yarn, you can select fibers and adjust the color to create a thread with less environmental loads that can be used without dyeing. By blending a small amount of chemical fibers in an exquisite ratio in the process of making the recycle wool thread, it is possible to spin a strong and well -textured thread. The wool revived by this golden ratio is called "hair seven (70%hair)" in the industry.


Ensuring range of motion
Armhol shape that does not hinder the movement of the shoulder

Chest pocket
Two chest pockets with different specifications and capacity can be used properly depending on the items to be stored.

Ventilation on the yoke (back of the shoulder). (MENS only)

Elbow to prevent consumption due to friction

Waist pocket
Large -capacity hitchhiike pocket that can store beanie on the left waist

Front snap
Turquoise -colored snaps that are easy to put on and detach are inspired by the cowboy shirt

Moichi label
A label that symbolizes the efforts of the playback wool in Oshu

Collar specifications
Changed to a thin fabric to make the collar area cleaner

Change to a thin fabric to make the cuffs clean

The Hoshichi fabric born from traditionally inherited playback wool methods, 30 % of the synthetic fibers are mixed to ensure sufficient wool strength in the regenerated process.

material:Hair 7 (Wool 70% / POLY15% / acrylic 10% / NYLON5%)
weight:480g (size m)


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