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Teton Bros. Axio 3D Trunks Men's


a transitive trunks of AXIO 3D

The Teton Bros. BaseBaer's BaseRayCategoryCategory introduces Trunks for Autumonization for the Autummy Winter.The material is "Axio 3D", which is made up of wool and polyester composite materials.

A thin, lightweight, waist shape that is easily fitted with sweat, the West's Elastic Band adopts the original meshing dough.The materials with high stretching are followed by the movements of the body, and the heartache is full.Depending on the environment you use, it is also recommended to use the "AXIO LITE TRUNKS" version of the spring and summer models.


In the West, where sweat is easier, a rubber band will be used for the mesh material.It is tender and dry, and is a dry drying center.

The crotch

The length of the body is 1.5 cm longer than Axio Lite Trunks.It can be used up.

Flat Seiming

Patanning aimed at reducing the stitches and improving the stretching of the seams.All seams have a good flat-siming system.


"Axio", a composite material using a special thread, wrapped in a wool with a polyester filament with an isomerical cross section, is arranged in a sternly knitting.


A surface in which the 3D structure of "Axio 3D" is well known.It is a thin dough, and the sense of watermark is dissolved.

Materials:Wool 33 %, Poly 67 %
Weight:65g (Size M)


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