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Teton BROS. Axio 3D L/S Tea Men


A three-dimensional, woven winter base layer

Axio 3D, a Baseo layer for autumn winter, is designed to create "Axio", a composite stock based on the merits of wool and polyester, and the advantages of both.

The light weight, lightweight, and ground surface of the skin is reduced and the morning cools are reduced, and sweat is diffused to the surface of the dough to accelerate the speed of drying.

In addition, the 3D-nicit structure is used as a thin dough, which prevents a sense of penetration through refraction of light.A body is a percolate shape that is so good as a body fit in.The arms fit tightly and the batter of the sleeves is suppressed.The materials with high stretching follow up to the movements of the body.

Sodeguchi shape

Samanchor in the sleeve openings.The back of the hand is tightly kept, and it prevents the rayling of the restless rise.

Flat Seiming

Patanning aimed at reducing the stitches and improving the stretching of the seams.All seams have a good flat-siming system.


"Axio", a composite material using a special thread, wrapped in a wool with a polyester filament with an isomerical cross section, is arranged in a sternly knitting.


A surface in which the 3D structure of "Axio 3D" is well known.It is a thin dough, and the sense of watermark is dissolved.


Wool 33 %/Polyester 67 %

130g (Size M)


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