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Teton Bros. Teton Bros Axio Hybrid Long Sleeve Men's

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Both wool and polyester benefits

Winter season base layer using Teton Bros.'s proprietary material "AXIO". The body uses a waffle thermal, a double jersey punch material from the shoulder to the sleeves, and the waffle shape holds the dead air, and has a moderate ventilation effect. Easy -to -rub shoulders and sleeves have improved durability and antiprilling while inheriting the functions of AXIO. In addition to the moisture absorption and natural antibacterial deodorant effect of wool, it is also excellent in moisture absorption and quick -drying properties.


A base layer that combines thick and different shaped thermal and punches with AXIO functions used only by Teton Bros. developed in spring and summer. A new AXIO series (Wool53% Poly 47%) that is comfortable at low temperatures.

Mapping the main waffle ground and durability and antipinifling punch material from the shoulders to the arms from the shoulders to the main waffle grounds, which are moderate breathability while accumulating dead air.

Flat seaming
All seams are finished with flat seams, achieving stress -free skin.

material:Wool 53%, Poly 47%
weight:225g (size m)


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