Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Teton Pant Unisex

$96 $119

Teton Bros. x STRIDE LAB
OriginalActive Insulated Pants

STRIDE LAB & Sakaiya Sports Limited Edition
The new OCTA used in Run With Octa is placed only on the front thighs.This fabric provides moderate heat retention while preventing overheating during exercise. In addition, the combination of highly breathable 20D mechanical stretch nylon and OCTA keeps the wearer dry and comfortable during high-intensity exercise.

The waist placket isThe waist placket is easy to put on and take off, and the inner ties can be used to enhance the waist fit.

The logo is also particular about the design, and only the mountain lion gives the impression of a chic design.This product is recommended all year round for activities that emphasize dynamic warmth retention.

Waist pocket
Pockets on both sides for easy access to hands. Both ends have reinforced seams.

Below-the-knee ventilation
Efficient ventilation with below-the-knee ventilation.

OCTA mapping/fabric texture on front thigh only
Maintains adequate warmth while preventing overheating. Outer fabric is breathable 20D mechanical stretch nylon. Back fabric is Octa, a hollow, 8-pronged fabric with excellent dynamic warmth retention.

Waist Specification/Front Placket
Updated front placket for easy on/off.
The waist fit can be improved with inner ties. Pants can be held in place at the waist when exercise is increased.

Material:.20D Nylon / Octa Insulation
Weight151g (Size M)


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