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Teton Bros. Accio 3D Neck Gaiter


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Teton Bros. A neck guitar using the original AXIO.

AXIO 3D = Three -dimensional woven, the skin is grid, and the skin is good and breathable. You can also expect heat retention due to detailed air.

The three -dimensional knitting of AXIO is thinner, lightweight, reducing the surface of the skin, reducing cold due to sweat stays, and preventing skin transparency by refraction of light due to three -dimensional structure. The standard product AXIO Lite Neck Gaitor shape is more stretchy, reducing the surface that is in contact with the skin with a standing body -like knitting shape, reducing discomfort around the mouth. This is also recommended to use AXIO Lite in the usage environment.


Excellent antiprilling performanceTeton Bros. Special forAXIO use. Building for wool in Oshu The best hybrid wool born from the depth of visiting and enthusiasm. Originally, wool fiber has water repellency,Teton Bros Special to use inAXIO Is only moisture absorption by special processing It has excellent diffusion and quick drying. Because a part of the polyester filament uses a variant cross -sectional thread. It has a cooling effect when the body temperature rises rapidly. The characteristics of wool and the characteristics of synthetic fiber are the highest balance and hybrids It is a material that has been deployed.AXIO Polyester fiber, which is a special structure of, does not expose to the surface, and runs in a spiral inside the diameter. Because it is there, it is very smooth without unevenness on the surface of the thread, so it has achieved a smooth comfort and very high antipilling performance.

Material: AXIO 3D (
Wool 33%, Poly 67%


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