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Teton Bros. Wool Air Vest Unisex


High performance vest utilizing wool high loft

Vests are an easy item to regulate body temperature. As long as the trunk portion of the body is well insulated, a certain degree of coldness can be prevented, and the risk of overheating is reduced by the absence of shoulders and arms. It also reduces the burden of excessive layering.

The body is made of "Wool Highloft" with excellent warmth retention and breathability, the sides are made of stretchy "Graphene Grid Fleece," and the shoulders, which rub against the shoulder harness, are reinforced with nylon. This is a technical vest that takes advantage of the mapping effect that maximizes the properties of the three materials and the excellent fit. Once you get the hang of using a vest, you will never want to let it go. It can be worn alone or as a mid-layer.


Wool Highloft" is a mix of wool and polyester. It combines the advantages of wool and synthetic fibers and reduces the risk of sweat chill compared to synthetic fiber high loft.

Collar specifications

The collar is lined with "Graphene Grid Fleece" inside "Wool Highloft". It feels good against the skin and has excellent heat retention properties.


Graphene is mapped onto Wool Highloft for a more technical mid-layer with excellent fit and warmth retention. Graphene placed in the right places improves the fit and ensures resistance to abrasion. Reinforced nylon shoulder straps protect the garment from chafing from backpack shoulder harnesses.

Adjustable collar

The fit around the collar is adjustable with a drawcord. One-hand stopper is placed behind the neck to keep it out of the way.


Gusseted chest and waist pockets.


Large armholes allow for easy layering even with thicker mid-layers. Side panels in "Graphene Grid Fleece" and shoulders reinforced with nylon

Hem Specifications

Simple hem with piping eliminates dragging when layering without sacrificing fit.

Material:Polartec Wool Highloft / Graphene Grid
Weight:265g (Size M)

Size M:

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