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Teton Bros. Wool Air Hoody Men's


Wool high loft hoodie that can be used comfortably in cold seasons

Polartec's "Wool Highloft" is an excellent material that combines the excellent heat retention of high loft with the ability to eliminate sweat and cold, which is one of the characteristics of wool.

The 3-panel hood fits easily to the head, and the cuffs with thumbholes have been changed to Graphene Grid Fleece for improved heat retention and durability. The hem has a design that reduces bulk for a good fit, and it won't bunch up even if you layer it too much. Whether it's a cool early morning trek, a casual walk on the trail, or checking out the waves in the morning, I find myself wearing it all the time. This is such a casual and functional hoodie.


"Wool Highloft" is a mix of wool and polyester. It combines the advantages of wool and synthetic fibers, reducing the risk of getting cold from sweat compared to synthetic fiber high lofts.

Hood specifications

A 3-panel hood that fits loosely around the head.

Cuff specifications

Cuffs with thumb anchors keep your palms warm on cold days. The material has been changed to "Graphene Grid Fleece".

Hem specifications

The hem is designed to reduce bulk. Improves the fit and prevents bagging even when layered.

material:Polartec Wool Highloft
weight:375g (Size M)


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