Teton Bros.

Teton BROS. Teton Bros. Tsurugi 10th Jacket Unisex


Milestones for future Tsurugi with visualization of required specifications and features

Strength and comfort required for a shell. We wanted to explore another direction of evolution when we envisioned more diverse activities in the snowy mountains, the main battleground of the Tsurugi Jacket, without going only for weight reduction.

The main material is lightweight and stretchy Täsmä, while the critical parts from shoulders to upper arms and waist are made of the same high-strength and durable Täsmä used in the TB JKT&PNT to increase the partial strength. The reason why there is no noticeable difference in the feel of this mapping compared to the conventional Tsurugi Jacket is due to the pattern that took three years to mature before its release. The result of repeated trial and error, not just the status quo, has become a template for future products with great potential.


The main part is made of the same supple 50D stretch nylon "Täsmä" as the conventional TSURUGI JACKET. The shoulders, upper arms, and waist are mapped with the same high-strength nylon as the TB JACKET for improved durability.

Hood construction

Helmet-accessible hood with two types of stoppers on the front for easy adjustment in both vertical and horizontal directions. One-action release.

Secured range of motion

Minimal cutting and construction for ideal fit and range of motion. The shoulder range of motion is maximized for ice climbing.

Angle ventilation

Inheriting the angle of the TB JACKET, double slider ventilation opens wide from the neck to the sides. This season, the neck zipper guard has been eliminated for improved operability.


Large pocket on the abdomen. An inner pocket with a zipper is provided inside the ventilated left chest area. Convenient for storing small items that you don't want to drop.

Hem stopper

The hem drawcord stopper is located in the center of the front, not on the side. This is designed to avoid interference with gear set in the gear loops when wearing a harness.

Cuff Specification

The cuff shape wraps around the wide-opening cuff, allowing the wearer to slip the sleeve through without stress and without choosing the volume of the glove.

Outer fabric

Next-generation material made of nylon with an excellent balance of lightweight and durability, surpassing past materials in specifications while ensuring excellent stretchability.

Back fabric

20D knit backer with excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying properties is used. It has both a supple texture and high functionality.

Weight:395g (Size M)


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