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Teton Bros. x stride lab 2nd
originalActive insulation pants

Stride Lab & Sakaiya Sports Limited Model
Last year, we added 2 new colors for popularity.
The difference from the model last year is like Run With Octa in 2023Prime Flex, a newly adopted shell material, is an ideal material for dynamic heat retention products that are excellent in breathability in addition to excellent elasticity and water repellency. The synergistic effect of Prime Flex, which has excellent balance of breathability and windproof, and OCTA, which has excellent dynamic heat retention, prevents overheating during exercise and maintains moderate heat retention.

By placing the new OCTA adopted in the Run with octa only in the front thighIt maintain moderate heat retention while preventing overheating during exercise. In addition, the combination of 20D mechanical stretch nylon and OCTA, which has excellent breathability, maintains a dry and comfortable in -house environment during high -strength exercise.

What is the waist?The specification is easy to put on and take off, and it is possible to enhance the fit of the waist with the inner string.

The impression of the design and the logo are the impressions of the mountain lion only chic design.It is a product that is recommended all year round in activities that emphasize dynamic heat retention.

Waist pocket
Pockets on both sides that are easy to put in and out. Both ends have seams for reinforcement.

Ventilation under the knee
Efficient ventilation with ventilation under the knee.

OCTA mapping/fabric feeling only for the front thigh
Keeps moderate heat retention while preventing overheating. The outer fabric is a 20D mechanical stretch nylon with excellent breathability. The back fabric uses an OCTA with excellent dynamic heat retention with eight protrusions in hollow.

West specification/placket
Update to specifications that are easy to attach and detach the placket.
The inner string can enhance the fit of the waist. You can hold your pants with your waist when your exercise rises.

material: Prime Flex 4WAY Stretch / Octa Insulation
weight: 151G (size m)

Head Office: Hoshi
Run Pant is the standard for Teaton's running pants. I thought it was close, but I still feel that the OCTA is difficult to cool down. The knee has a ventilation slit, so it keeps it just right without getting hot.The fabric on the knee is also soft and stretched in Teaton's soft shell material, so it is quite easy to move.
If the fabric around the buttocks is soft, it is easy to wear, and you can wear it without stress even when running.
Wearing size: 169cm57kg S size


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