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Teton Bros. Hybrid Inner Down Hoody Women's

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Highly versatile light down hoody

A lightweight hybrid downfudy that uses high -quality 1000 fill power water -repellent down with water -repellent treatment and "Thermo Max", a synthetic fiber batting that exhibits far -infrared heat storage effects. A 12D lightweight lip stop nylon with DWR (durable water repellent) processed is used for the outer material. The relatively fine quilt pitch prevents down the downs and maintains uniform heat retention. While showing its true value as a lightweight and warm mid -layer, it can be worn comfortably in various situations as a single unit. From the 22FW season, the sleeve width of the upper arm has been changed to a better fit. A mesh inner pocket with a zipper has been added.


Feeling of fabric
Includes Hybrid Down with a total amount of 100g. 1000FIL water repellent down & Thermomax. The relatively fine quilt pitch prevents down the downs and maintains a uniform heat retention.

Inner mesh pocket
Inner mesh pocket added this season. It is useful when storing wet gloves and drying at body temperature.

Ensuring range of motion
Changed the shape of the upper arm to a more fit. Design that does not hinder the movement of the arm while slim.

Food shape ①
The collar of the hood is set high, and the head retention of the head is maximized. Fit the vertical and horizontal and horizontal with one action with the rear draw code to prevent the inflow of cold air during strong winds.

Food shape ②
The functions that can fit the vertical and horizontal installed at the rear with one action will ensure the head of the head and the maximum, and prevent the inflow of cold in a strong wind.

Hand warmer pocket.

Inner rib -shaped cuffs. By fitting the wrist on the face, shut out the infiltration of the cold.

Hem specifications
Stopper installed on the hem side

12D lip stop nylon with lightweight and DWR (durable water repellent) processing.

weight:12D NYLON / 1000 Fill Down & Thermo Max
material:330g (size m)


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