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Easy-to-use crew neck model

Easy-to-use crew-neck model from the "Graphene" collection. The large diagonal waist pocket, characteristic for a crew neck, has the same angle as the ventilation of the "TB JACKET" and "TSURUGI JACKET," so you can maximize the ventilation effect when worn together. The inside of the pocket is mesh, which is useful for drying wet gloves.

Cuff specifications

The cuffs have a piping specification that conforms to the shape of the hand. Thumb anchors keep the back of the hand warm and prevent uncomfortable slipping up when layering.

Large angled pocket

Large pocket on the abdomen. The lining is mesh, and the zipper can be opened for ventilation. The angle of the pocket is the same as that of "TB JACKET" and "TSURUGI JACKET". They can be interlocked to increase ventilation efficiency.

Outer fabric

Grid fleece with "Graphene" kneaded into it. Far-infrared ray effect and excellent thermal conductivity provide heat retention at low temperatures and cooling effect at high temperatures, as well as antibacterial and deodorant effects.

Back fabric

Grid fleece lining woven in a grid pattern. The structure provides both moderate warmth retention and breathability.


Material:Graphene Grid Fleece
Weight:375g (Size M)


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