Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Axio 3D Pants Men's


Three-dimensionally knitted base layer for fall and winter

The fall/winter base layer "Axio 3D" is a three-dimensional knitting of "Axio", a composite material that takes advantage of the benefits of both wool and polyester.

Thin and lightweight, it reduces the surface of the fabric that makes contact with your skin, reducing the morning chill, and promotes quick drying by diffusing sweat to the surface of the fabric.

In addition, although it is a thin fabric, the 3D knit structure prevents it from becoming see-through due to light refraction. The body has a partially relaxed shape that fits snugly. The waist, where sweat tends to accumulate, uses an original mesh band that dries quickly, and the highly stretchy material follows your body's movements.


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