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Ultra -lightweight compactpulloverdown

I assumed Natsuyama Alps climbingHalf zip pullover typeDown jacket.
7DLightweight lip stop nylon800 fill power down is used for the outer material.By opening from below with double zipper specifications according to the weather, it increases the ventilation efficiency.

As the name of the product name "Luft (air)", with an ultra -light down jacket weighing 170gComfortIt is excellent in design that balances compact properties, and does not take unnecessary space during packing. again,Since the chest is a poketable specification, it can be compact for one 500ml plastic bottle.

Ultra light, for fast packIt is an ultra -lightweight pullover down that plays an active role in climbing Natsuyama Alps.

Outer material
7 Denior nylon (100%Lisacrunylon)

800FP premium down with excellent heat retention and light weight(Down amount is about 65g)Is adopted

Double zipper specification. Open from below to increase the ventilation efficiency.

Ensuring range of motion
A design that does not hinder the movement of the arm while slimming the shape of the upper arm.

material:100%lisakuru7 Denior nylon /800fp down
Weight: 172g (M size)
Please note some weight errors.

Head Office: Hoshi
It's overwhelmingly light! I don't think there was much down the pullover that was so light recently. Of summerIf you want to make your luggage light and compact as possible with fast packing, down is still good.
There is a weak point that it is vulnerable to wet compared to synthetic fibers, but the nylon in the outer material is water -repellent, so some wet is OK.I put water lightly, but I played it quite a bit.
Unless you drop it in the swamp or wear it in the rain, it is not a water -repellent down, but I think there is no problem.

Photo wear size: 169cm57kg S size


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