Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. TB Ax L/S Tea Mens


Teton Bros. and Tony's T-shirt series is very popular every season.

23-24FW has long sleeves. The cotton-like material has high UV reflectance, heat shielding, anti-bacterial, and deodorizing properties. Made with 50% recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles. Enjoy the graphics born from Teton Bros. and Tony's imagination.

chest pocket

There are no stitches on the inside of the pocket, and the inside of the pocket is barbed to prevent contents such as lip balm from falling out.

sam anchor

It keeps the back of your hand warm and prevents it from riding up when layering.

embroidery graphics

Graphics are embroidered.

material:Air Dry (Recycled PE Poly)
Weight: 185g (Size M)


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