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Teton Bros. RIDGE PANT MENS (for men)


Long pants that can be worn even in midsummer, which is durable and quick -drying

Long pants that use the same material as "CLIBMING SURF SHORT", which is popular using stretch materials with excellent quick -drying properties.

Pants with a thin 20SS release, ablation and moisture absorption and quick -drying pants are new popular multi -pas pants that have been sold out early in full -fledged summer. Simple silhouettes and draping that are gentle tapered toward the hem do not hinder the range of motion of the legs without any lumps during walking. Pants that are very popular in long -time mountain trips and climbing, durability, DWR and breathability.Stock has been added to the pocket pocket part from 21SS, and the strength has been improved.

3 recommended points

1) Surprisingly drying quickly

Surprisingly drying quickly, this may not be easy to understand unless you buy it, but it dries quickly so that it can be worn immediately after dehydration with a washing machine. Even if you wash and dry the room during your trip, it is a level that can be worn the next day. Because it dries quickly, you can wear it comfortably even in summer when you sweat a lot.

2) The coolness that can be worn even in summer

The so -called trekking pants have a high durability, but for us with thick fabrics and high exercise, it seems that the pants were too hot.
In fact, the "Clag Pants" (this is also a masterpiece, there are still three), which were sold before the release of Ridge Pants from Teaton Broth, can be used comfortably in spring and autumn trekking. However, it was a bit hot in summer to wear it. In order to enhance durability, we have succeeded in making it with thin fabrics while using cordura threads to enhance durability.

"I want to use it even when it is easy to sweat with high exercise."

I think it's a pants that many Teaton Broth users and trekking enthusiasts can choose.

3) High stretch and strong fabric

It is highly stretchy and is a draping, so it is easy to move, and it is very strong because it is the fabric written in the above. I'm also happy to feel safe to rub with a rock.

Fabric: Polyester Mechanical Stretch
Weight: 225g (size m)
Please note some errors for the weight of our company.


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