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Hard Face Fleece Hoodie

AFTON Ⅱ HOODY", which has many deep-rooted fans for its supple fit and comfort, has been reborn as "OUTI HOODY" with new materials.

The main recycled stretch fleece is blended with more nylon for durability and anti-pilling performance. The silicone hard coated surface has a low coefficient of friction with the shell for a smooth layering experience. Graphene Grid" thin fleece is mapped to the side panels and inner upper arms.

Its high stretch and sweat-wicking properties cover the body's range of motion. The hood, which can be used as a balaclava, has been modified to enhance the close fit. Offset front zipper reduces discomfort around the neck.

(Specification change part)
Correct specification (Green) → Fleece arms are mapped to the wrist area.
Specifications before modification (Black) → Fleece arms are mapped up to the elbow.

Feel of outer fabric

Hard-faced outer fabric is windproof and water repellent, and its smooth surface reduces friction with the shell. Movement is smooth even when layering.

Hood shape

Updated to provide a more snug fit with the entire head. The front collar is nose high and the front zipper is offset so that it does not touch the nose and can be used as a balaclava.

Inside of the collar

The inside of the collar, which tends to hit the chin and mouth, is lined with "Graphene Grid Fleece" that feels good against the skin.

Cuff specifications

Cuffs and thumb anchors fit the shape of the hand. Utilizes the natural curve from the elbow to the wrist.

3-pocket specification

Three pockets. A zippered waist pocket on each side and a zippered crimped pocket on the chest.


Material:Recycled Nylon and Polyester Stretch FleeceGraphene Grid Fleece
Weight430g (Size M)


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