Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Feather Rain Full Zip Jacket Unisex


Ultra lightweight 3 layer in shell jacket

In the humid Japanese climate, soft shells are often suitable for normal behavior, but there is anxiety during rainfall. Be sure to put a complete waterproof item in the backpack that cuts less than 200g while being 3layer. It is a material processed in Japan with a water resistant of 20000mm and a durable that surpasses it.

Chest pocket
Chest pocket with zipper.

Wind -under ventilation
Effective ventilation is performed without using a zipper on both sides of the ventilation.

Prevents the invasion of wind and rain with a call rubber specification that fits the wrist firmly.

Food adjuster
Using an adjuster behind the head, it is possible to adjust the vertical and horizontal direction with one action.

Hem adjuster
The adjuster on the right hem enhances the fit and prevents rain from entering.

Lucom tape
Seam taping is applied to the back of the seam to maintain waterproofness.

weight:170g (size m)

There are several types of Teaton's rain, but if you choose it for "lightness", it is Feather Rain Full Zip Jacket. It is very lightweight, but does not impair the functionality of rainwear, and is practical. The bold ventilation slits are included under the armpits, so it is a rainwear that is perfect for hot weather, such as summer and toleran.


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