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Teton Bros. Breath Pant 2.0 UNISEX


A very popular model that quickly becomes SOLD OUT, every time it is released. It has excellent waterproofness and breathability that everyone wears. The ease of movement that cannot be imagined from the beautiful silhouette. Highly complete shell pants. The material has been changed to AQUA BREATH. A draw code that holds pants firmly with the waist while a sloppy minimalist minimal to the knee that does not hinder the movement of the legs Aqua BREATH Aqua breat, a material that has optimal functions for the spring and summer climate of Japan with a lot of rain, fence. After repeated tests, we developed over two years. In addition to the breathability for maintaining the first priority of the first priority of the material used by Teton Bros. in the shell, the water pressure is greatly updated. Mechanical stretch 100 % nylon is used for the base cloth. In addition to the ease of movement and silence, it has achieved lighter weight than the models so far. Aquabreath, which has gained high reliability and reputation through long -term use from Teton Bros.'s guide and athlete, is used for TSURUGI LITE JACKET, YARI JACKET/PANT, Oze Jacket/Pant.

SIZE XS / S / M / L / XL Fabric Aqua Breath Weight 175g (Size M)


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