STATIC Static All Elevation Sleveless Shirt Men's

All Elevation, which means "all altitude"
In other words, a universal base layer that can be worn in any scene.

 Static proposes natural materials for layers that touch the skin without using as much as possible oil. Merino wool is warm in winter and heats heat in summer. For outdoor use, it is not only heat retention, but also high -performance fibers such as humidity control, deodorant, and good touch.

I was looking for a fabric that could be used comfortably even in spring and summer with a lot of sweat. The answer that arrived is a melino wool and recycled polyester thread ALL ELEVATION blended fabric.

ALL ELEVATION rebuilt in Oshu

A tag with a wool expert in Oshu has been tagged, making it easy to wear as it is, as it is, the characteristics of All Elevation fabrics.
The uneven border mesh structure enhances the quick drying with high breathability and recycled polyester yarn. If you put on a windshell, the heat retention will increase even more, so it is an item that can be used as an inner or a single unit.
Not only controlled processing, but also non -chlorine resin is used.

Environmentally friendly shrinkage processing

In non -chlorine -resin -controlled processing, it does not remove scales, modifies hydrophobic scales into hydrophilic, adhered to hybrid collagen to prevent scales from being involved. Also, I do not use resin.

In terms of biodegradability, there is a sense of security compared to chlorine resin processing, and the fabric that touches the skin is not a resin but a wool fiber. In addition, by leaving the scales that control the adjustment of wool, wool products that utilize the original function of wool fiber were realized. It can be said that it is an eco -controlled anti -shrinking that makes use of wool fiber as it is.
"I don't use chlorine, so it's safe for my employees' health," he said.

material:50 % Merino wool, 50 % polyester
weight:105 g (M size)
Wool Origin: Australia/New Zealand
Country of origin of fabric: Oshu Japan
Product Manufacturing: Japan

Product size

-It is flat -placed. (Unit: cm)
-The size notation is a guide, and some errors may occur between the product delivered at hand and the notation size.


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