Static Axel Hoody Athletic Unisex

Axel is a polyester -based base layer that recycle plastic bottles.

The inside has a fine grid -shaped unevenness
The convex part is a contact to the skin = sucks sweat → spreads and dried to the outer material, and also plays a role in keeping warmth.
The concave part has a high ventilation, helps sweating during the action, and has the effect of not being too hot.

The grid is very detailed and has a great deal of heat, so it is suitable for continuing to move, such as climbing, running, and cross -country.

[Eco details]
Recycling polyester is widely used as a stable material for both quality and quantity.
It is often used in clothing. This is regarded as the basic "ki" of eco -fabrics, so that the price range can be developed relatively restrained.

AXCEL has an eco -friendly process to add two functions.

1) Midori® Biowick WP3.0 = Increase water absorption and quick drying
100 % plant seed oil is a raw material that is biodegradable.
Up to 70 % of the existing processing can be reduced by CO2.

2) Plygiene®odorCrunch = antibacterial and deodorant
Processing to contain silica crystals contained in the sand in the fabric.
Silica absorbs and decomposes substances that cause odor to maintain a comfortable state by odorless.

〇 zipper
The chest zipper uses YKK recycled zipper. PET bottles are raw materials.
〇 binder
The binder used for the end of the hood is made of recycled polyester
〇 Labels: We adopt highly eco -friendly ones.
Size tag: 100% recycled polyester derived from plastic bottle
Washing tag: 100 % cotton loan

Fabric (fleece): 88 % PU12 % polyester
Fit: There are two types of relaxation and athletic.
Weight: 180g (m)
Color: Black

S Width 52㎝ After length 70㎝ Sleeve length (from the shoulder) 64㎝
M Width 55㎝ After length 72㎝ Sleeve length (from the shoulder) 65.5㎝


* I wear S size at 168㎝
Country of origin: Italy
Dyeing: Italy
Product Manufacturing: Japan

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