STATIC Static Adrift Vest


STATIC×STRIDE special order model

Unlike STATIC's Fall/Winter 2023 regular lineup of ad-lift vests,This is a special-order model that emphasizes light weight and quick compacting by eliminating the zips on the chest pockets.

 This insulation VEST directly uses Teijin's active insulation material "OCTA," which is well-known in Stride's brand "Teton Bros." Run with OCTA, etc., and its high breathability allows you to keep wearing it even during active activities.

Layering is very important, especially when running in winter.
If you are too cold, you will not be able to keep running, and if you are too hot, you will not be able to keep running.
Also, even if you are cold at the beginning of your run and wear a mid-layer or outer layer, you are likely to get hot and take it off halfway through.
This "Adrift Vest" is an insulation that allows you to keep wearing it throughout the action because it is both breathable and warm enough to be used in a wide range of temperatures.

In addition, when stagnant, a wind jacket like Windriver can be worn over the vest to block ventilation and provide "static warmth" as pure insulation.
This product is a must-try as an optimal layering system for runners who commute to the StrideLab.


The raised portion of the OCTA is folded back to expose the surface around the neck to improve the feel of the skin around the neck, while at the same time eliminating the water-retaining binding material normally used around the neck to reduce discomfort after sweating.
The lightweight adjustable part at the hem allows for ventilation of hot air inside the garment by adjusting the elastic, and also allows the garment to be kept warmer by letting the heat inside the garment escape.
*A packable pocket is attached to the chest.

In fact, in the first week of October at Yatsugatake, it was cold in the mornings and evenings, so I started walking with this Adrift vest on over my T-shirt and was able to keep it on until the daytime when it got hot. It was an all-purpose "gear" garment that I could wear for three days without worrying about the smell, as well as a comfortable action wear and a warming garment that I could use inside my sleeping bag.


Material:Octa®CPCP® 100% polyester (53% recycled polyester included)
Pocket fabric: Recycled nylon
Weight: 70 g (size S)

*The images are for illustrative purposes only. Design and specifications may differ in part from the actual product.


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