● Size/142 x 213.P
● Weight/82g (body 71g)
\ 800+TAX

The following is an excerpt from the SOL manufacturer page

An emergency blanket that is used alone.
High -purity aluminum vapor is applied to polyethylene material, and the aluminum surface reflects 90%of the body heat radiated by the body.
When used, it is easy to spread and the sound is quiet.
In addition, the torn strength is strong and it does not break immediately. The outer orange color is noticeable to find rescuers easily.
It is safe to prepare not only when you go outdoors but also for disaster prevention.

This product is more superior to other companies that use polyester, which is generally called an emergency sheet.

● Keeping 90%of the heat radiated by the body
● Because the material is polyethylene, it is very supple and can be used repeatedly.
● There is no rough feeling and it can be easily folded
● It can be used with confidence without containing harmful ingredients in the human body
● Even if there is a scratch, it can be repaired without tearing like a polyester fabric blanket.
● Despite the 30-50%thinner than other companies of polyester fabric, the strength goes up to other companies' products.

The manager of the store manager

Have you ever used the Emergency sheet realistically?
Many of the customers of STRIDE LAB say that they must prepare for trail running must be prepared. As a must -have product such as trail running lace, the size is a little bulky and may be large.
In an environment where safety is secured to some extent, such as racing, it may be a compact one, but it is not recommended because polyester materials are really cut off in rocky areas.
SOL's Emergency Blanket is resistant to tearing and very visible. In the case of real distress or vivolkeque, we may fold the emergency blanket and reuse it. In such a case, as a product that combines durability and compactness, you may not have to get lost in the SOL Emergency Blanket.

* We recommend that you have a proper product for Emergency -based tools. Although it is a similar product for 100 yen uniform, please prepare firmly so that you do not regret in an emergency.

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