RONHILL Ronhill Tech LTW Jacket Women's


Wear this definitive lightweight jacket with a streamlined design and run like a wind. One piece that is cool, windy, and a light rainy day.

"The core part of this kit, which is very light, has a perfect balance of breathability and windproof, is a daily solution to" what to wear? " The cool, windy, and suitable tech LTW jacket protects the body even during the British most gust. This jacket is not hindered by waterproof laminate to prioritize breathability, and is ideal when it is raining. "This compact jacket is not flashy, but do not underestimate it. The LTW jacket made of matte -finished soft textile material is a champion of breathability and lightness."


  • Wind resistance
  • Water resistance -DWR C6
  • Breathability
  • lightweight
  • Reflexity
  • Safe pocket
  • Ventilation tab
  • Relaxation fit

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