RONHILL Ronhill Sun Cap


Ronhill's suncap, which has been recognized as a sunscreen index UPF 50, is lightweight, breathable, can be folded and easy to store.

The Suncap made of Saplex® nylon has excellent durability, but has a cotton -like feel and is a comfortable hat in any scene. The cap is certified as the sunburn prevention index UPF 50 and is protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. It is lightweight and has excellent breathability, can be folded and easy to store the peak, and the straps that can be adjusted with Velcro fit perfectly and comfortably.

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • UPF 50 -Protect from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Made of Suplex® nylon that realizes high and durable with a feel like cotton
  • Divided and can be stored quickly with a minimum
  • Adjustable strap with Velcro



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