Rad Roller


Rad Roller was developed by physiotherapists and was developed.

The design with a 6cm diameter sphere is a revolutionary massage tool that allows the whole body to be maintained from the neck to the soles.
It is the basis of all RAD items, and the three stages and moderate weight make it possible to approach the finest parts of the whole body.

Material: Silicon

Since the hardness is adjusted at only 100 % silicon without cavity, the whole body can be deposited in Rad Roller.
Reliable approach to points without "slip" with the grounding surface.

The design that emphasizes mobility is a massage and stretch tool that you always want to carry from everyday to the go.

● hardness
Green: Soft
Blue: Ordinary (original)
Black: Hard

Size: 12cm x 6cm (spherical diameter)
Weight: 305g


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