Rad Neuro Ball


Rad Neuro Ball is a specialty product that focuses on the sole of the foot born by joint development with Naboso_ Technology-Nabosa Technology.

Dr. EMILY SPLICHAL, who is also a developer of Naboso_ Technology (Naboso Technology), is a specialist in foot disease and human mobility. Active as a master trainer.

New robot can be used as a release ball that rolls under the feet, palms and calf. You can also divide the ball into two dome shapes and make it a fixed tool.
As a result, pressure and static holds can be more detailed while targeting areas such as the soles of the feet.

The exquisite interval projections and heights of NABOSO supervised by NABOSO to the concentrated nerves, and the self -aperuchaed self -plane is made by the material and product design unique to RAD.

Also, Rad Micro Round is a set in -cruise.
You can achieve a comprehensive multi -treatment approach to provide the best care and maximum security by targeting the difficult areas between the feet and the small bones of the hands.

Weight: 160g
material:Medical grade silicon

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