Rab Love Tailus Wind Stopper Tights


Toleran long tights with excellent windproof and moisture permeability

Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper (R) is a protet, windproof and moisture permeability tights for mountain trail running.

Adopts a stretch knit material with excellent sweat -absorbing and quick -drying properties, realizes comfortable movements even on long distances, making it ideal for running in winter.In order to enhance durability, a matrix double -woven outerwear is adopted on the back of the thighs, and Flexile 100 is used for the back of the knee and estro band to achieve comfort and flexibility.

A variety of storage pockets, such as back yoke pockets with zip and gel, and stretch mesh back york pockets that can be stored quickly, are rich in storage pockets, and the daily run is completed with one piece of tights.

Material: Fabric (main): Gore-Tex Infinium WindStopper (R) High Gauge Knit DWR Endurance Water-repellent <6 Ret
Fabric (Secondary) MATRIX Stretch (68 % Nylon 68 % Likura 32 %) Flexile 100 (82 % nylon 82 % Spandex)
Weight: 277g (M size)


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