BrighterWith a maximum light output of 1100 lumens, the LED headlamp weighs only 100 grams, the same as its predecessor, the "Swift RL".designed for a variety of outdoor activities such as climbing and mountaineering. It is lightweight and compact, yet provides powerful illumination, and is powered by a rechargeable battery. It has a variety of lighting modes and is easy to operate. It can also be charged via typeC.

Reactive Lighting Technology uses light sensors to automatically adjust the light intensity and beam pattern as desired by the user. A reflectorized headband helps maintain visibility at night.

The two-way split construction provides high stability for mountaineering, trail running, skiing, and other strenuous activities. The Swift RL is intuitive to use, with a simple one-button operation to manage all functions: on/off, illumination mode, brightness, and lock. Red light on or flashing mode is available as needed. It is rechargeable, and a five-stage battery indicator keeps track of remaining battery power.

High spec reactive lighting, but care should be taken in rain or fog.
Rain or fog can cause the brightness detection to not work properly and continue to produce high output, resulting in poor battery life.
In such cases, switch to standard lighting to cope with the situation.



Ultra-high output smart headlamp
Brightness of 1100 lumens enables illumination up to 155 m away.

Two illumination modes at the push of a button: reactive lighting and standard lighting

Reactive lighting automatically adjusts light intensity and beam pattern using light sensors to optimize battery consumption, providing long-lasting illumination and comfortable visibility without the need for manual operation.

The minimum 7-hour beam duration in reactive lighting mode (beam level: low) makes it suitable for long-duration activities such as trail running and ultra-trail activities.

Mixed beams provide the high level of illumination performance (near and far) required during outdoor activities.

Red light mode for more comfortable reading, keeping you and others in the field of vision without dazzling the eye

Flashing red light mode to signal your location in emergency situations

Headband with reflector to maintain visibility at night


Compact and lightweight

Lightweight 100 g

Patented two-way, ergonomically designed adjustable headband for optimal fit, removable and washable

Can also be used as a lantern with the included lightweight pouch "Shell LT


Simple operation

A single button controls all functions such as on/off, illumination mode, brightness, and lock.

Lock function to prevent accidental turn-on during storage or transportation.

Li-ion battery with 2350 mAh capacity that can be recharged via USB Type-C and shows remaining charge with an indicator

Spare battery "Rechargeable Battery for Swift RL" can be purchased for use on expeditions or as a replacement when the battery is depleted.

A 5-stage battery indicator allows the user to precisely monitor the remaining battery charge.

The angle adjustment function allows the user to tilt it up on the neck or down on a helmet to obtain the proper illumination.



Illuminating power: 1100 lumens (ANSI FL 1 standard)
Weight: 100 g
Technology: Reactive Lighting, Standard Lighting
Beam pattern: Mixed (wide and spot)
Power: Lithium-ion battery with 2350 mAh capacity rechargeable via USB Type-C (included)
Charging time: 5 hours
Water resistance: IPX4 (all weather)
Certifications: CE, UKCA
Models available in 2024


Irradiation Mode Color mode Irradiation Level Irradiation power Irradiation distance Irradiation time Reserve mode
Reactive Lighting White light Weak 18 to 100 lm 35 m 10 - 70 h 10 lm 2 h
Medium 25 to 275 lm 75 m 7 to 45 h
Strength 30 - 1100 lm 155 m 2 to 35 h
Standard Lighting Weak 10 lm 12 m 100 h
Medium 160 lm 50 m 7 h
Strength 700 lm 115 m 2 h
Red light Lights on 3 lm 5 m 60 h
Flashing Visible from a distance of 150 meters for 300 hours

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