Up to 1500 lumens Ultra-high output rechargeable headlamp

The NAO RL, the iconic rechargeable headlamp for trail running and ultra-trail, weighs only 145 grams and delivers 1500 lumens of light. The headband offers excellent front-to-back balance and is easily adjustable, providing excellent support throughout even the longest, most grueling races. Reactive Lighting Technology adjusts the light intensity to the brightness of the surroundings. In addition, a red light in the rear head battery enhances nighttime visibility.

Product Details

Ultra-high power, lightweight: 1500 lumens, 145 g
-Automatically illuminates as needed according to ambient light
-Uniform and homogeneous wide beam for comfortable vision at close range and underfoot
-Mixed beams (wide and spot) for close and long range vision
-3 beam levels: low, medium (good balance between beam power and beam duration)
-Reactive lighting with light sensor that automatically adjusts light intensity and beam pattern to optimize battery consumption, providing long illumination and comfortable visibility without the need for operation.
-Lowest 10 hours of illumination time in reactive lighting mode (low illumination level) for long duration activities such as trail running and ultra-trail activities.
-Red light on the battery in the back of the head can be quickly switched between on and off by a switch.

Ergonomic design

-The battery pack located on the back of the head distributes the weight over the entire head, providing excellent balance and comfort so that the wearer forgets they are wearing the device.
-Thin front plate to accommodate various head shapes
-Easy and quick adjustment at the back
-Top strap for optimal support
-Lithium-ion battery (3200 mAh capacity) rechargeable via USB port (Micro C)
Rechargeable, 5-stage battery indicator to accurately monitor battery level
-Rechargeable battery "R1" can also be used as a spare battery to charge devices such as cell phones, watches, etc.
Lock function to prevent accidental turn-on during storage or transport, or to lock the irradiation setting during activities
-Reflectorized headband for nighttime visibility
-Pouch included can also be used to use the headlamp as a lantern or to carry additional batteries

Illuminating power: 1500 lumens (ANSI FL 1 standard)
Weight: 145 g
Technology: Reactive Lighting, Standard Lighting
Beam Patterns: Wide, Mixed
Power: 3200 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery (included)
Charging Time: 3.5 hours
Water resistance: IPX4 (all weather)
Certifications: CE

Illumination Mode Color Mode Irradiation Level Irradiation power Irradiation distance Irradiation time Reserve mode
Reactive Lighting White light Weak 250 lm 70 m 10 h 10 lm 2 h
Medium 550 lm 100 m 5 h
Strength 1500 lm 200 m 2 h
Standard Lighting Weak 10 lm 10 m 80 h
Medium 250 lm 70 m 5 h
Strength 900 lm 140 m 2 h
Red light Lights on 2 lm 2.5 m 78 h
Flashing Visible from a distance of 150 m for 400 hours



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