Perform Better FP Mini Band Medium Green


You can see it! It is an exercise band with a durable outfit.

・ Exercise bands with a width of about 5cm grow to 2.5 times longer.
・ Exercise is possible everywhere, outdoors, home, hospital, gym, and travel.
・ It can be used for exercises such as lateral walks, leg raises, shoulder stabilization.
・ We are widely used to strengthen the whole body, including butt training.
・ Approximately 48 x 5cm in the whole lap ・ Ideal for home training.
(Green is a medium type with a moderate load.)

Popular mini bands have many applications, but it is also effective to use them to acquire appropriate forms for squats. When you drop your hip joint with a squat, you tend to bend your knees inside, but that does not have enough training effect. To gain a sense of pressing the hip joint on the ground, fix your knees with a band and squat.

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